2016 flew by for the Gibson family. I seriously can’t believe it is 2017, and I can’t believe we are that much closer to officially launching Veritas City Church in Washington, DC.

This past year was a year we will never forget. Let me give you a rundown by way of people:


Iver turned 3 this year. I know it’s cliché to say, but he is all boy. Iver has energy running through him that never fades, and he proves it to everyone he meets. I feel for him, because I was him. When (and if) we put him into school (with classrooms and desks), he will struggle. Not because of his lack of intellect, because he is very smart, but because of his never-ending energy. It’s going to be hard for me to take a courageous, unbridled, and enthusiastic spirit, and put him in an environment where they tell him to “sit still” and “stop talking.” Obviously, this is close to my heart, and we are praying about what is best for our little commander.

However, right now he has many outlets for his energy. He started gymnastics, and seems to absolutely love it. His favorite things to do right now are play lightsaber battles with daddy, pick on his sister, play chase at the park, wrestle until he drops, and jump off things that are taller than him that scare his mama (and me) to death.


Cora turned 5 this year. It’s hard for me to type that, honestly. Cora is our little warrior-princess. She loves all things pink, and princess, and dresses, and puppies. Speaking of, we surprised her with a puppy for Christmas this year. At 5-years-old, we felt like she was ready to learn how to be responsible enough to care for something other than herself. With lots of oversight from daddy and mama, she has done a great job being a puppy-mama. Furthermore, she loves playing, and fighting, and punching, and wrestling. That is why I have dubbed her our little “warrior-princess.” If you know Cora, you know that she is both warrior and princess. And that’s how we want to raise our daughters!

Cora started gymnastics this year, and she just started basketball. We homeschooled Cora this year as she started Kindergarten, but we are praying about what to do next year. Cora loves people. Seriously, she LOVES PEOPLE. We covet your prayers as we pray through her schooling for next August.


Grace doesn’t like for me to write about her, so I won’t. I’ll just say that she is killing it at being a city-mama. Though her heart is for wide open spaces, her love for me, the local church, church planting, and our family blows me away everyday, and this city wasn’t even ready for her. Just know that she is killing life at all angles.


I turned 30 this year (I felt like I needed to begin with that because that is how I began with the kids). But seriously, this year was by far the most productive year of my life. I passed off an entire ministry department (that was, in my opinion, successfully built from the ground up and ready to be passed off), moved our family to Washington, DC, and worked relentlessly on planting Veritas City Church. By God’s grace, I was able to preach the gospel in 15 states (and a District) this year, share the vision for Veritas City Church with over 50,000 people (because one church was 15,000 people strong), and complete the classroom work for my doctorate (off to the writing stages). I gained a little weight, lost a little muscle, but Grace tells me that I pull off 30 well. So, there’s that.


We said goodbye to a church we loved dearly, and even helped plant, and we were commissioned and sent to DC to plant. In August, our church was 4 people—Grace, Cora, Iver, and I. 5-months later, we have over 30 people meeting together for bible study on Sunday night. Seriously, I am blown away at the favor of the Lord. We sold a home in less than 12-hours (without a realtor, I might add), paid off the last penny of our student loans (we are debt free… and it feels amazing), and sold almost everything we owned so that we could move to a city we didn’t really know, but already loved.

However, almost 6-months later, the city already feels like home. Over Christmas break, we even missed it. And now we not only get to say we are DC residents, but we are hopeful that we get to launch Veritas City Church in September of this year—for the good of our city and the glory of God alone.

Charging the Hill,
Pastor Greg

About the Author Greg Gibson

Greg is a husband, dad, church planter, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and Lead Pastor of Veritas City Church in Washington, DC. He resides in Georgetown with his wife, Grace, and two children.