We are excited to announce that we have signed a 3-year lease on a new building in Georgetown; Washington, DC.

But as a young church plant, we need your help.

The Arise & Build Campaign is a campaign to raise money for our 3-year lease and kids ministry build-out.

The total cost for the campaign is $450,000 for 3-years. This includes:

  • 3-years of lease
  • Architect fees
  • Lawyer fees
  • Security deposit
  • 2-months of rent downpayment
  • Construction build-out for our kids space and a new bathroom
  • Worship equipment and installation
  • Acoustic and sound-proofing installation
  • Kids Ministry equipment for classrooms

We have already raised $150,000 in 2017, and now we are raising the last $300,000 this year. 

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