Pray for our 2019 goals at Veritas City Church

GOAL ONE: We want to give $30,000 to missions in 2019. 

For a small church plant, that’s a big deal. With around 100-people in attendance right now—both in Sunday Gatherings and weekly City Groups (and 50 adult covenant members)—this is a big task. But I believe that we can do it.

GOAL TWO: Launch Spero Ministries on Easter Sunday.

We can’t wait to see what God does with Spero (Latin for hope), as we seek to invest into the spheres of systemic homeless and poverty in our city. It’s amazing to see how excited our church is about this ministry!

GOAL THREE: 2 Gatherings full of people

On January 6, we are going to two gathering time (9am and 11am), and I can’t wait to see both of those gathering times fill up with people from all demographics, skin colors, and languages!

GOAL FOUR: Grow to 150 Covenant Members

I’m excited to see our adult member base grow in 2019. We are praying that this number would grow to 150 adult members. Not because we care about numbers, but because we care about reaching people and seeing our covenant community continue to grow.

GOAL FIVE: 25 people on global trips

We have several options for global trips in 2019. So there is no excuse for why we shouldn’t hit this goal! I can’t wait to see who goes globally this year from our faith family!