Using the Super Bowl for Mission

A little confession time: I haven’t watched many football games since Peyton Manning retired (the true GOAT; sorry not sorry).

However, I do watch the Super Bowl. In between all of the hype, the commercials, and the queso, it is a great missional opportunity to engage relationally with non-Christians.

Here are a few ways you can do so:

What Does It Look Like to Join a Church Plant?

I answer this question almost daily. What does it mean for a Christian to join a church plant? Here are five things that I would suggest:

ONE: It means that you redefine your expectations.

One of the hardest things for people in joining a church plant is fighting through the early stages of what I like to call the grind. In a church plant, we are just starting. In all reality, we are a start-up.

That means expectations need to be redefined. Redefining expectations for what the church is becomes a great starting place when entering the waters of a church plant. When you do this, things become clear.

The mission becomes more important than our personal comforts and needs.

You realize that you don’t need that perfect worship experience, or that amazing kids ministry, and you realize that you have an amazing opportunity to help make a church plant better each and every day.