What is your ministry as a covenant member of Veritas City Church?

So often, I get asked, “Why don’t we do this program, or this event, or this outreach activity?” While all great questions with good intentions, I think the question needs to be shifted.

The Difference Between a Trellis and a Vine:

Tony Payne suggests in his book, Trellis and the Vine, 

The basic work of any Christian ministry is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of God’s Spirit, and to see people converted, changed and grow to maturity in that gospel.”

Yes, there are different ways to go about seeing the gospel contextualized to the hearts of people for both conversion and maturity. However, the church often fails to do real vine work. Instead, massive trellises are falsely built under the disguise of hyper-manipulated environments that builds crowds through the medium of entertainment and over-exaggerated “come and see ministry” — often times called programs and events. Yes, I realize that sentence sounds harsh, but intentionally so.