We call our discipleship process THE CITY. Our hope is to walk with you through the different streets of life as you become a mature disciple who lives on mission.

First Street

The City starts with First Street. This is our membership class where we teach you what we believe, who we are, and what we do. For the current listing of our First Street classes, go here.

Second Street

Everyone has different passions, gift sets, and personalities. Second Street helps you identify a plan to grow and do ministry in your sweet spot.

Third Street

At Third Street, you will be equipped to continue to become a mature disciple who lives on mission. These are classes designed throughout year for you to grow in an area of your interest.

Fourth Street

Fourth Street is our leadership development class for potential City Group Leaders and Ministry Team Leaders. Not everyone will desire to be in Fourth Street, and that’s okay, but this class will focus entirely on leadership development.